Recipe // Lime Chicken & Cheesy Leeks

Recipe // Lime Chicken & Cheesy Leeks

Sometimes I find that I make the same recipes on repeat but since I picked up a copy of the Lean in 15 cook book from Joe Wicks a few weeks ago I’ve been given fresh inspiration and want to create yummy, healthy meals again.

Grilled chicken and veg is the oldest ‘healthy meal’ in the book…but sometimes it gets boring so I decided to mix it up with the introduction of spicy, marinated chicken that’s full of flavour and cheesy leeks on the side.

I don’t like bland food so anything that combines lots of flavours and a hint of spice is a winner in my book!

In my last post I mentioned that I recently went on a shopping trip to the Aintree Retail Park and whilst I was in The Range, I picked up this amazing grill pan. I’m not a fan of the oven in our rented house, so this is a great way to grill meat and veggies together on the hob.

I just added a spritz of frylite and loaded it up with my ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ honey and lime marinated chicken, mushrooms and courgettes.

It didn’t take long to cook as the pan heated rather quickly and the veg soaked up the flavour from the marinade.

Moving onto the cheesy leeks. Anything that includes cheese is an absolute winner in my book!

I chopped up one leek and two spring onions, added to a saucepan with a knob of butter and a touch of coconut oil. Once they’d began to fry on a medium heat I stirred in some milk and cornflour to thicken.

….Then it was time for the cheese! I chose cheddar on this occasion but I think I’m gonna try edam next time.

Once the cheesed had melted and my chicken and veg had browned, it was time to serve! With a dollop of sweet potato mash on the side, this was a hearty, delicious meal that included your 5-a-day!

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