Fashion / The Little Red Bag

Fashion / The Little Red Bag

Since I first spotted it on the Zara website, I wanted the Little Red Bag. But because our holidays are out of the way, this year and next is all about serious savings. For big stuff, like a house and furniture. And this means shopping is out of the question.

So I did what any handbag obsessive does…I mentioned the Little Red Bag to my boyfriend. Like, weekly. Now it was only £15.99 which isn’t much but I really want to hit my first (of many!) savings target in the New Year, so bags are a no-go.

Or so I thought until two weeks ago. It was a rainy, miserable Saturday. We were having friends round and I was in the nail shop getting my first set of shellacs done in about 3 months. No biggie, but I’m a nails done kinda girl but cos of the savings thing, I decided to give them up. But after 3 months of horribly chipped, broken nails, I caved and ‘treated’ myself.

My boyfriend rang to ask if I’d like a lift home as it was torrential rain. Naturally, I said yes. And he mentioned a surprise….it was the Little Red Bag!

He’s been to Zara and bought it for me as I really, really, really wanted it and when I mentioned the price on our 100th conversation about it, he bit the bullet and bought it for me! Now, I must mention that I have ordered him the new FIFA17 game as a thank you….but look how pretty it is!

It’s quite small so there’s not a lot of room inside, but I love the colour, the shape and the chain. Not to mention the cute motif embossed detail on the front! It’s official….I’m in love.


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