Review // Roja Pinchos, Berry Street, Liverpool

Review // Roja Pinchos, Berry Street, Liverpool

If you’ve been out to the eat in the city recently or had a scroll through Twitter looking for someplace new to try you’ll notice that Liverpool is on the cusp of something great. With so many new restaurants and bars popping up, plus old haunts continuously reinventing their menus, now is a great time to dine.

So when an invite to Roja Pinchos dropped in my inbox I couldn’t resist. After a quick snoop on the website I was sold – pinchos with a strictly Spanish theme and bottles of red & white wine to try.

Located on Berry Street, which its very self is the place to be, Roja Pinchos is neatly tucked away near the Chinese arches and opposite Red Door. Inviting to the eye thanks to its clean white exterior I was kindly greeted and ushered downstairs to join the party!

From what I could gather Roja Pinchos has two levels – enjoy a glass of white over a plate of manchego cheese pinchos in the afternoon. Or  head downstairs for a smooth glass of rioja in the evening. What could be better, right?

But what are pinchos you ask? (Don’t worry I was thinking the same prior to my visit!)

Essentially pinchos originate in Northern Spain and they’re Spain’s answer to tapas. I was reliably informed that the pinchos menu regularly changes and on the night I tucked into rather a few different bites – all delicious and packed with flavour I must say.

The evening was a relaxed affair, guests mingling and chatting with the ever so knowledgeable wine merchants who were on hand to talk us through the origins of the wine, the flavours and what the labels really mean! In short, not much but apparently more vineyards are considering the labels, seeing as so many of us judge our Friday night bottle according to how pretty the label is!

I would definitely recommend Roja Pinchos and I can’t wait for my return visit. Wine bars are few and far between but this place is firmly on the map!

*Thank you so much to the lovely PR team for my invite. I had a great time! 

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