Life // Why Blogging in the North is So Great

I live around 30 minutes from Liverpool and work 20 minutes from Manchester, two of the largest cities in the North West. Both well known for their culture, shops, music scene, nightlife and two popular student cities. Something that’s on the rise though is their blogging culture. The blogger industry is one that has a massive London focus yet there are loads of us plugging away up here. Attending well put-together events, having regular contact with PRs in both cities and creating great content that rivals our blogging friends down South.

Now I want to make it clear from this of that the purpose of this post isn’t to have a moan about Southern bloggers. It’s merely to highlight how many great blogs are created in the North. It’s just a shame that larger brands don’t always recognise Northern potential.

Both the Manchester and Liverpool blogging industries are so supportive with amazing outfit posts, beauty reviews and restaurant reviews, it makes me want to do more and push my blog further. Since I expanded into food blogging, I’ve been overwhelmed by the opportunities that have arisen. Attending the Veeno wine tasting event and sampling the new Alma De Cuba summer menu are two great examples of how I’ve pushed my content and proved that lifestyle is my comfort zone.

And the North is a prime spot to showcase this. My bottom line is I wish this stood out more on BlogLovin feeds and Instagram grids. Not necessarily my content, but other likeminded northern bloggers. Yeah, if I want an amazing afternoon tea or a burger in London I know where to head but let’s shout about what bloggers are featuring in our home towns.

Even if you’re reading this and you’re not from the North West. Where’s great for cocktails in Newcastle? What should I try be trying in Edinburgh? Diversity in blogging styles is huge but let’s break the mould with content.

So, that’s my plan. Create exciting posts that I would like to read. Yes, I’m still going to feature beauty posts because I enjoy buying new make-up and recipe posts are affirmative cos I love to cook, but I want to shout more about where I’m from and hopefully posts about places local to me will interest those near and far away.

There’s so much potential, wherever in the UK (or the rest of the world!) you live, let’s utilise our local businesses and cafes and give them a space on the internet too.

Not sure how to end this post really, or if it even has a purpose. I just wanted to say I’m geared up for the next phase of blogging whatever that may be. But, I will still be blogging all about my trip down to London next month. Hey, Borough Market is just begging to be Insta’d surely….

6 responses to “Life // Why Blogging in the North is So Great”

  1. Up The North! :p
    I’m Northern, but in the middle of nowhere, so although I agree that it’s great living here and northern cities offer as much as what the like son London do, I have to travel an hour to my nearest city of York, which is culturally fantastic, however from an events PR perspective, I have to travel the extra to Leeds for anything exciting I may (most likely not) invited too and then 2 and half hours to Manchester or Newcastle. it’s a bit of a pain.
    I have however, recently, started a feature on my blog about my town and all it has to offer. 🙂


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