Food // Chicken & Chorizo Tray Bake

I think I’ve touched on this before but I’m not really a traditional roast dinner kinda gal. I’m not huge on going to a carvery and I don’t enjoy loads of plain veg smothered in gravy. There I said it. I prefer a mix of roasted Mediterranean veggies with a chicken breast, maybe some stuffing on the side and roasted parsnips.

So this weekend I made just that! It was my second attempt at a kind of roast dinner and it’s another one that went down well in my household! I stole the recipe from Plates and Places and it was all kinds of amazing. Chicken and chorizo in an olive oil dressing – oh wow.

 It’s really easy which is just what you want on a Sunday evening. Chop your veggies; chuck in a roasting tin with the chicken breasts, chorizo and a healthy dollop of olive oil. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes, or till the chicken is cooked throughout and then serve.

If you’re looking for an easy weekend meal that’s full of flavour, this is the one for you!

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