Food // Spicy Chicken Thighs & Sweet Potato Mash

Sometimes you’ve got to stray out of your comfort zone and try something new….which is exactly what happened earlier this week when the contents of my fridge consisted of 2 courgettes, 3 chickens thighs, a red onion and 2 sweet potatoes…

So, naturally I chucked a load of spices into the mix and marinated the chicken to make a yummy dinner for 2 in less than 30 minutes!

Here’s how I did it!

I’d never cooked with chicken thighs before so there was a first for everything, so here goes!

Gently fry the chicken thighs in whatever oil you please – I use rapeseed as it’s healthier and I can use it on Slimming World

Chop your onion and courgettes. Oh and half the red pepper I found knocking around the bottom of my fridge… Add to the pan and reduce the heat so they simmer and cook through

To the pan I added a touch of paprika, mild curry powder, garlic and chilli

Whilst that’s cooking through, chop the sweet potatoes and I pop in the microwave for 6 minutes to soften. This saves time and washing up as it uses less pans!

Once the chicken and veg is cooked, serve with sweet potato mash. I added a dollop of sour cream on the side to cool down the spicy flavour in the chicken.

Easy, peasy dinner that’s full of flavour and doesn’t need much time in the kitchen!

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