Interiors // Creating Our Perfect Kitchen

I first blogged about moving home back in December shortly after we’d moved in and when blogging took a backseat. But, now we’re nearing the end of January (the worst month for many) and the boxes are unpacked, I thought I’d blog more about our lovely 3 bed detached.

As we’ve moved into a rental, we don’t have much leeway to decorate so home accessories are my new best friend. We really wanted a nice, spacious kitchen and we struck-lucky with this one. Built in the same style as a galley kitchen, it’s very long yet airy thanks to the window above the sink.

 I love our windowsill as the blue tiles look lovely against the wooden windowpane and I’ve placed a couple of plants on here, as they add personality and light. Plus, I love it in here at the weekend when I’m pottering about and the sun shines in. Simple things ey?

So, because we can’t go changing the kitchen cupboards or painting doors to add a pop of colour. Something I would totally do if it where my own home…., however I do love that they’re plain white as it makes the room feel brighter during the day.

However, when we do begin to think about mortgages and buying property, I’ll be turning to Mayfair Granite as they’ve got a great range of contemporary, yet rustic feel kitchens which I just love. Plus, I think they’ll fit really well with our dream cooker – the aga!

We’ve made it our own and feel homely with contemporary lights attached to the ceiling. These strip lights are really easy to unscrew and change so you can add your own touch to your kitchen.

We were really lucky with the use of shelving in the kitchen. We have more cupboards than we know what to do with, but I especially love this end unit where I’ve placed our herbs and spices so they’re in easy reach of the hob when we’re cooking. I really love open shelving as it’s a great way to display your cooking essentials and it adds a nice, homely touch to the room.

 If you want some more kitchen inspo, check out the Better Decorating Bible to see what’s hot in the world of home decoration. Or, if you’re like us and rent, it’s great to get ideas for the future!

I plan to blog about each room as we upgrade our hand-me-down furniture and build our home into our own. If there are any rooms you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comments!

*This post contains collaborative links , however my love for our kitchen is certainly true! 

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