Kick-starting my day

I don’t know if this is a really boring topic to blog about or not but lately I’m loving flavoured tea. I’ve never been a fan of hot drinks, generally swerving any offerings of tea of coffee for a boring glass of water. Preferably’s best, honest.

But since I vowed to eat a little healthier and cut out the crap I consume on the daily and I decided to add a cup of melon and ginger tea to my morning routine. I’ve been enjoying a mug of Twinnings at the weekends and I have a box of Aldi’s own on my desk at work.

To be honest, they taste the same and I just love the refreshing lemon with the kick of ginger. Just what I need to wake me up in the mornings and clear my sinuses since the dreaded British cold well and truly caught up with me this week.

I keep reading reviews about Clipper tea too, so I think I’m gonna throw one into the trolley during my next supermarket dash.

Also, I just love these flowers. They’re brightening up my bedroom and they smell just lovely. Just what I need now the darker months are drawing in and I’m coming home in the dark. The light from my lamp, alongside the flowers on my bedside table is keeping a hint of summer alive whilst it’s grey and rainy outside!


On that note, I might pop the kettle on and get cosy with a mug of tea!

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