Quick-fix fruity breakfasts 

I only really tend to find time to prepare a tasty breakfast at the weekend. During the week I eat my #deskfast at work, so a bowl of cereal is the way to go. But at the weekend, if I’m not hungover that is, I like to eat a nice, Instagram-worthy breakfast (we all do it don’t we?!).

Enter, greek yogurt, shed-loads of fruit and linseed – so I get all the healthy stuff goin’ on too!

So what do you need?

Well that’s up to you! I take my trusty kilner jar and fill it with a few different ingredients to make a super healthy yet tasty breakfast. It’s all about the flavour!

I start with fruit. On this ocasion I decided to pile my jar with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The flavours go so well together and once you add in a dollop of greek yogurt you’re onto a winner!

It’s completely up to you whether you want to throw in flavoured yogurt, maybe some dried or, something I haven’t tried but just thought would be amazing, some grated chocolate too! It’s your breakfast so go wild and customise it exactly how you want.

Finally I top mine with linseed. Yep, I feel super healthy by doing this with Deliciously Ella and my fave, Madeline Shaw telling us the health benefits of this small pouch of magical goodness. Plus, I found it on the cereal aisle of my favourite supermarket, Aldi and at less than 2 quid I couldn’t say no.

Aldi have a few different flavours so you can chuck some goodness into your body without breaking the bank. This post sounds like it’s sponsored by Aldi doesn’t it? I promise it’s not… I just bloody love that supermarket!

So there we have an easy and tasty breakfast. Pop into the fridge overnight and then eat beore you head out the door or do what I do and take it with you for the ultimate tasty #deskfast!

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