Loving your own life

Loving your own life

Sometimes it’s so easy to lose perspective. To get dragged done by the day-to-day stuff you’ve got to do, to take a step back and appreciate what you have.

As much as I lust after the latest designer handbag, gorgeous nail varnish colours and basically the entirety of my ASOS Saved page, they aren’t necessary the things that make us grateful.

It’s the little things that do that. A phone call with the friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, visting grandparents, getting positive feedback at work. Those are the things that put a smile on my face. 

Be in love with your own life.

I get to visit nice places, have weekends away, go out to dinner, get dressed up for a night with friends, curl up in my duvet watching Netflix ( Sons of Anarchy at the minute, holy Chicago, it’s amazing/intense/so fucking good), going getting my hair did. Just a handful of things I do on the daily/weekly/monthly. 

So, yeah, it’s not egotistical to enjoy how you spend your free time. In fact, it should be shouted about. Forget the doom and gloom Facebook status updates, I plan to enjoy myself more and remember this when I’m next having a really, really crappy day. 

It’s all not all bad is it? 

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