My top 3 cookery books

My top 3 cookery books

Cooking is one of my favourite pastimes.Curling up after a long day in work with a stack of cookery books, sifting through the chapters choosing my meals for the week is such a great way to relax. We may be in June but I’m loving trying new soup recipes, salads and tasty veggie dishes.

I blogged about my Salads for all Seasons cookery book last year but now the sun is finally making an appearance, it’s high time I got it back out again!

Last week I had a week off work and it’s safe to say, I indulged. Almost Famous burgers which are just too tasty to resist, cocktails and snacks a-plenty. But I want to feel back to me. Forget massive weight loss goals, that’s not what I’m about. I just want to feel great – in and out. Yeah, it sounds cheesy buy hey, it’s what I’m going with!

For my birthday I was bought the Get the Glow book by food blogger and nutritionist Madeline Shaw. It features her 6 week programme with advice on healthy food swaps and changing some of our food perceptions.

When I’m doing my weekly Aldi shop I tend to go for low-fat and fat-free options but having read Madeline’s book, low-fat foods often amp up the sugar content to make up for the loss of fat. So in that case, I’m not really doing myself a favour as I’m still eating just as much sugar than before.

So, with my Race for Life looming in just over a week, I’m taking action by making small but necessary changes to my daily routine. I always tend to have oats or muesli for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch and a meat and veggie tie. But I’m looking forward to delving into my cookery books and finding lots of yummy, filling meal ideas that I can make to take to work and enjoy at the weekend too – without any food guilt!

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