The unspoken pressure to be a dress size smaller 

The unspoken pressure to be a dress size smaller 

After watching Plus Size Wars on telly last night, part of me has been left wondering, who am I dieting for?

Watching a handful of my favourite bloggers speak so passionately, honestly and truthfully about weight and dress size, it’s left me doubting myself. 

I’m nearly 27 years old and I’m a shapely size 14. The only way to hit the magical 10 would be a life overhaul. But I quite like eating out, wine and crisps too much to bother with that malarkey. 

So it’s time to accept the dress size. Yes lately I’ve started to follow the mantra, eat less move more. But as it isn’t really an issue and I quite like my wardrobe of pretty clothes, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. 

Go for that run, eat that salad but make sure you enjoy it, rather than because you feel like you should. 

So with that as soon as my train arrives, it’s homeward bound. And I do plan to go for a run. To the shop to buy sour cream to accompany my chilli. Life is about balance, right? 

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