The measure of success

Success. Such a small word yet measured on such a massive scale. We, as people, spend so much time benchmarking our worth against other – friends, family, work colleagues, yet we take little time to stop and appreciate ourselves.  Now is the time.

One person’s measure of doing well may be a house, possibly a family with the addition of children. 

Another individual may look forward envisioning a career with natural progression and growth, whilst some are simply in the moment. Enjoying what they have, grateful for their lot and safe in themselves, content with what they have. 

 However success can stir the beast inside. Wishing, lusting after the latest designer handbag, must-have shoes, invites to the coolest parties, yet wondering how it all becomes a reality. We bench-mark our lives against others, constantly striving for the next but taking little time to celebrate the here and now.

I’m on a quest, not as a goal, or even as new-found way of thinking, but I want to take the time to stop and appreciate. Relish in having a job I love, a family who I care about, friends that I wouldn’t swap for all the tea in China, a partner who is supportive and caring and most importantly, myself. 

We spend so much time having a down-and-out attitude. Striving for the next chapter, counting down the days till the next holiday, payday, birthday. I want to start to celebrate my successes, however small and insignificant they may be appear to others, it’s time I took note. 

Success. Such a small word, but equipped with a whole load of meaning behind it. The dictionary states it is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So I take that as the purpose of us, the purpose of me. Turning up to work day after day, trying my hardest and enjoying the small wins we gain throughout the day – whether that’s ticking a job of the ever-expanding to-do list, perfecting the ideal 140 character tweet passing comment on the latest goings-on in the world of celebrity, or making a kick-ass brunch of poached eggs, let’s celebrate success.  I know I plan to, want to join me?

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