Preparation is the answer…

If you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail – a little saying that rings true when you’re trying to lose weight. Temptation is everywhere and this past week I’ve been away with work. That meant a cooked breakfast here, glass of wine there and one kitkat chunky later, the scales are refusing to budge.

I have a set routine meaning I’m a Tupperware queen, taking my breakfast and lunches to work with me and having my evening meals planned out. But like I say, this week I relaxed, enjoyed myself and recognise now is the time to reign it back in.


One of my guilty pleasures lately is stalking recipe ideas on The Body Coach’s Instagram page and then taking my weekly trip to Aldi to stock up fresh ingredients for the following seven days.

Noodles, curries, risotto, pasta dishes and salads shall all appear on this very blog soon. Showcasing how quick, easy and, most importantly, cheap meal prep can be.

So keep your eyes peeled for some recipe inspo heading your way…..

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