Review: Belissimo lip glitter

Review: Belissimo lip glitter


When it comes to my make-up routine I tend to opt for either a bold lip or stand-out eyes but generally the former wins. So, when Belissimo got in touch to see if I wanted too review their latest lip glitter product, I jumped at the chance!

Launching in Topshop as a concession stand and perfect for the party season, I was intrigued by the frosted pink kit. Pink is a colour I dabble with every now and again, but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the soft pastel colouring of this set. It will look really nice with grey eyeshadow and a little eyeliner to really show off the difference in colours and make the pink pop!

It arrived in a cute black drawstring bag with the lip glitter, lip glue and 4 buds – plus the instructions! I found it was really easy to apply and I’m gutted I didn’t take full advantage it as it’s so playful and fun and wear on Halloween – it would have been perfect!

Once I had applied a layer of the glue to my top and bottom lip, I patted the glitter on gently. It stuck really well and I didn’t need to pile it on, like I initially first thought! It dried really quickly and feels really comfortable – now I need my next night out to trail!

Belissimo lip glitter

Belissimo lip glitter kit

Lip glitter sets


Belissimo lip glitter kits are available online at Belissmo Boutique and concessions stalls in Topshop for £13 in frosted pink. I would definitely recommend a payday purchase!

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