Argan Dew Hair Oil: Review

It’s been a while since I dipped my toe in the beauty blogging while, but a few weeks ago I got chatting to Argan Dew on Twitter about their products and I was really intrigued. I have really thick, dry hair that need a lot of treatments and attention on a regular basis. I get a full head of blonde highlights every 8 weeks and use heat quite often with my GHD’s so hair masks and oils are my bread and butter. Having tried L’Oreal, Tresemme and Macadamia Oil, I had high hopes for Argan Dew!



I was very kindly sent the Replenshing Hair Mask and Miraculous Argan Oil to try. Using the oil of the argan nut it helps prevent skin and hair damage and designed to leave it silky and more manageable that ever. Sounds perfect right?

Firstly I tried to replenishing hair mask which is designed to dry, damaged and coloureed hair… so that’s me down to a tee! I just massaged it into my hair once I had washed and conditioned with my normal Tresseme shampoo. It smells amazing and left my hair feeling really silky. When I used product on freshly washed hair I’m a little dubious about it feeling really heavy but the mask didn’t at all.

Secondly, once I had rinsed off the mask and towel dryed my hair I gave the second sample, the miraculous argan oil a while. Like the mask it smells amazing and isn’t greasy which is a big thumbs up. It sunk into my hair quite quickly and didn’t feel like I had put any product on.

Overall I was really impressed with both products and will defo be checking Argan Dew out again in the future!



*This is a sponsored post in conjunction with the brand.

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