New Years Resolutions: Skincare

New years resolutions generally tend to be a flash in the pan- lose weight, eat healthy, join a gym etc so come the 1st Jan 2013 I decided on one I could stick to and attempt to see through to the end. I decided to give learning to drive a second attempt. Having initially began to learn when I was younger and then subsequently quit as it got a little too stressful, I decided 2013 was the year I would master heavy machinery. So how did I get on? Well its a work in progress, but 12 months and 2 failed theory tests later, I’m still working on it. But the main thing is, I’m actually starting to like it. I mean I don’t love it and sure as hell can’t see myself with my own car in the near future, but I’m still working at it which is the main thing and hopefully 2014 will be the year I pass. Maybe.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.

So back to the matter at hand and what to choose as my resolution for 2014? Well I think this shall be the year I get my skincare routine in check. I’m very much a face wash and face wipes kinda girl, but I read so many beauty blogs focusing on the multitude of products designed to create photo-ready skin that I think it’s time I started to pay attention. So this is my vow, to begin to look after my skin.

Lazy  girls guide to skincare

*Image taken from Pinterest

I have to admit the cleanse, tone and moisturise routine is often lost on me. I start with the best intention,  give it a go for a while,maybe a couple of nights max, but then give up and turn to Simple face wipes. But in honour of my resolution, I am set to change my lazy girl ways. After having a conversation with a couple of the girls in work and hearing their enthusiasm for the humble moisturiser and their horror at my basic skincare routine, I invested in a tub of Simple moisturiser. Drug store sure, but it does the job. And that is not all. Come 2014 I shall take greater care in my skin and start to use primer, EVERY TIME I put my make up on and have purchased a bottle of Bioderma cleansing solution. Another #bblogger fave, but it’s time to stop being ignorant about my face and start to look after it. I mean it’s only downhill from here, right?

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