Wear your flaws upon your sleeve

I don’t know what have come over me of late, but this post sees my third foray in the world of outfit posts, and I’m quite enjoying it. However my mother’s photography skills are less than to be desired. You see,  the objective of the event is to take outfit photos, but she thinks its an opportunity to have a play on my camera and take pictures of the kitchen,the garden, the dog, basically everything other than what I’m wearing!


Sheesh. However, back to the matter at hand. One of the perks of working at Matalan is my staff discount and one of the down-falls is seeing my shopping addiction begin to get a little  out of hand. Seeing newness land  on the site begins the journey of wanting, no needing that new dress/skirt/top. This month it was these leggings.



*Attractive shot of me offering ‘creative direction’ there*

Let me just start by saying, I am not a leggings kinda girl. I just don’t think they suit me or flatter my figure. And I just dread the see-through leggings fashion crime that is often committed by many a leggings wearer. But when I see this pair of flocked check leggings I just wanted them. They are a lot thicker than everyday leggings and I love the different prints. I opted for the check design, but may soon be tempted by the animal print pair too. They are such a good fit too and don’t feel like leggings.


I decided to keep my outfit quite neutral by teaming the leggings with a wardrobe staple, a grey marl tee from New Look and my favourite new boucle jacket from Primark. It is great to layer and the gold trim means it can be dressed up or down and a fantastic winter alternative to the ASOS neon version. I didn’t know what shoes to wear with these leggings and I was tempted to wear my Converse or Keds, but then I remembered my studded high tops from Matalan, which worked really well and have a concealed heel too which added some height to the look.



This is the outfit I wore on Saturday which was spent mostly listening to London Grammar and Bastille’s new albums, watching episodes of Breaking Bad and cooking. I’ve nearly finished season 2 of Breaking Bad and I’m becoming seriously hooked! A few of my friends and I have been taking part in our very own ‘Come Dine With Me’ and this weekend it was my turn. I will be uploaded a separate post about that and my menu for the evening. Stay tuned!

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