Burgers are big business, right?

Since when did burgers become big business?  Lately I have noticed that we have upped our game from the days of a bog-standard BBQ or McDonalds burger and have developed a hankering for a meaty, juicy amazing burger and fries. With so many exports landing in  the UK, the burger business has taken off in a big way. The fad for a fantastic burger stems from the land of shakes and fries, the old US of A and us Brits have caught the tailcoats of the trend. Being based in the North-West, my dreams of meat patties and amazing french fries is often lived vicariously through my twitter feed  which reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the best and tastiest burger joints in town.

With Shake Shack having recently landed in London, Byron Burger finally expanded up North in Spinningfields and Liverpool 1 respectively and Almost Famous being just that in Manchester, burgers are back in business. See, I like my burger to be medium-well done, a little bit greasy with lots of cheese, sauce and salad to measure. I am a long time fan of GBK who have a wide range of burgers with chicken, beef and lamb to choose from, every time I go, I can always try something a little different- perfect.

Almost Famous was a well-kept Northern Quarter secret, before word spread and I soon knew I had to try it. Stored away behind a secret doorway, Almost Famous was everything you needed from a burger. Yummy, fully loaded and a range of fries- perfect. AF have recently opened a second branch in Liverpool and I am just waiting for the Manchester brand to restore itself to its former glory from the recent NQ fire.

So being a burger fan, yesterday was spent enjoying the sun with lots of drinks in Spinningfields, but firstly we took a trip to Byron Burger. With a choice of about 8 different burgers on the menu, most were beef, I decided to try the Byron Burger. Cheese, bacon, beef and salad- standard burger right? I wouldn’t say it was anything to write home about. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good and the service was fantastic, however it seemed a little too…safe. Not enough grease and naughtiness about it for my liking. Think I’ll be holding out for Almost Famous and waiting for the next up–and-coming burger joint to arrive!

*All images taken from Google

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