For the foodie fans: Vintage Festival

Following on from my post earlier this week from the Vintage Festival at Speke Hall, this is the 2nd post from the day. There was so much to see I ended up taking nearly 100 photo’s and rather than reduce them down to one post, I feel it’s only fair to split them into a couple of different posts to showcase just how much was on offer! In my last post I spoke about the classic cars on display and a fantastic local company, Indigo Stitch. So. today I am following on from that with a foodie posts featuring a couple of photo’s I took of the two amazing cake stalls that were there on the weekend.

Cupcakes are such a big deal at the moment and cakes and baking really seem to having a ‘moment’, so upon seeing the two stalls we were drawn in immediately! The two cake stalls were ‘Bijou Cakes’ and ‘Cakes For All Seasons’. Both are North-West based businesses and showcased a super yummy and scrummy range of edible treats!

Bijou Cakes had a fantastic range of cupcakes, slices of chocolate and rose cake and home-made lemonade on offer. We had a glass of lemonade each and at 30p a glass of refreshing, really lemony lemonade on a warm Sunday morning was just what we needed! Turns out this vintage festival browsing is thirsty work!

Bijou Cakes

Bijou Cakes

Bijou Cakes

Cakes For All Seasons‘ specialise in hand-made wedding and celebration cakes- and wow, they were impressive! With gorgeous decoration and intricate detailing, they had us in amazement for a while!

Cakes for all seasons

Cakes for all seasons

Cakes for all seasons

Cakes for all seasons

All this talk of food made us hungry so before we indulged our sweet tooth we had a little savoury first in the form of an amazing pulled pork ciabatta and had a nosey at the chutney and jam stall! Well sometimes it’s rude not to, right?





Well, that’s the foodie post complete! Stay tuned for posts on the bits and bobs we splashed the cash on, afternoon tea and the Speke Hall gardens and grounds!

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