So, I know I have covered my on-going battle to find my dream hair colour on here before, but I haven’t spoken about it for a while. My natural colour is a strawberry blonde (trust me this IS a real colour), however I first started dying my hair red back in 2008 and I got hooked. I just loved having red hair and boy did I try every shade and every box dye going.

After 3 years of having varying shades of red I decided to go dark. And this where it began. After swearing I would always be red and loving it so, all of a suddden, I kind of didnt. I just didnt have a clue what colour I wanted to be- much to my poor mum/DIY hairdresser, who wanted me to go natural, but that wasnt the easiest thing in the world after spending so many hears piling dark dyes on a lighter natural colour.

This is when I started to strip. My hair that is. And this weny on for about a year, every couple of months and using the Chery Cole L’Oreal semi-permanent brown dyes. It’s somewhere around this time I decided I was ready to go back blonde. But how? Enter my first trip to a hairdresses to get some bleach added to my life. Yesterday I had my second bout of full head highlights, and I think I’m hooked. Couple of more appointments and the dark will be gone.

So, why have I told this story. Well, know my thoughts are turing to what colours I go as a blondey. Enter my hairspiration (yes, I aam trying to make that work- just go with this)

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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