Shop Dixi: Hello newbies

Last week I did a post here on jewellery and more importantly, my love for rings and with all the snow on the ground, I don’t know about you but I’m just yearning for Spring to hurry up! I want to be able to wear ballet flats, fitted jackets and minus a million layers, oh and add many,mnay more rings to my ever-growing collection!

I’ve been a fan of Dixi for a while as they have a gorgeous collection of jewellery. I know in the blogging world, sometimes a product comes along and everyone jumps on the bandwagon, and I hold my hands up, I’m included in that. But when it comes to jewellery I think its personal taste and reflects you and your personality. But Dixi has such a gorgeous range, they’ve made being unique, easy.

I seem to discover all my fave shops through Twitter these days, what can I say, I must follow a fashionabe bunch! Dixi’s latest collection set to land online this Sunday, 27th January, and with these beauties set to drop, I can just feel that my payday weekend is defo gonna result in over-spending!

Dixi Wish List


All the above will be available online from around 10am on Sunday 27th Jan. The lovely guys and girls over at Dixi have oh so kindly provided a UK free delivery code to be used with any order over £15.00, so simply use the code BLOGGERDISC. Valid from the 27th January till 3rd February. Happy shopping!!

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