Coats for every occasion

I  just don’t know about you but I just can’t believe how cold it has been recently  and with the entire country enjoying the snow, you just know at this time of year, the only accessory you’ve got to rely on is a fantastic coat.  Whether you’ve got curves to kill for or a gorgeous streamline figure, a fantastically fitting coat is a must. It is the easiest way to complete your look and ensure you keep warm!

With so many styles to choose from and colours suitable for every skin tone, finding ‘The One’ can sometimes feel like a battle, but when you find it, well, you just know don’t you. The shape, fit, colour- when you slip it on,feel the soft lining and cosy finish,  oh it’s like home isn’t it?

Cruise Fashion

So, after Twitter ever so politely suggesting I follow the brand I was excitd to find a new site to lust after, oh hello Cruise Fashion! I was instantly drawn to the coats and all that was staring back at me was a beautiful collection of coats, sigh. Jackets suitable for the everyday commute to work and luscious pieces just begging to be teamed with my skater dress on my next night out with girls- it’s official, I was in coat heaven.

Cruise Fashion combine functionality and durability for the fashion-forward with a fantastic collection of luxury designer coats and jackets. With Alexander McQueen, Joseph, DVF Diane Von Furstenberg and Vivienne Westwood Red Label on offer, the site is simply a designer dream come true.

knitted boucle cape coat

Boucle, check, waxed and quilted are just a handful of the cuts and fits on offer and I know that the site would appeal to my best friend and as well as my Mum, I mean come on, would you turn down a great quality coat? Of course you wouldn’t, just look how pretty they are! The Issa Knitted Cape Dress and the Classic Melton Wool Coat are my personal favourites as they are so my personal style and can see myself wearing them both day and night. Now, do I risk breaking into my piggy bank to treat myself or trying something a little more purse friendly by checking out Ebay….

I always find Ebay can be blessing or a curse. You find something, set your heart on it, place your bid, watch a bidder come out the woodwork and outbid you. With more snow expected to fall later in the week, I just happened to find myself setting up a little wish list for payday!

*This post is brought to you by Cruise Fashion

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