So, we are 6 days into the New Year, every magazine tv ad and Facebook status is screaming ‘new year new me’. Can we just give it up already? The only way to a new you is by making a change, good or bad, and sticking to it. There is zero need for the song and dance, however I digress. We are 6 days in and I am hungover, so much for dry january. Now that’s not to say I haven’t made a couple of resolutions, but I am gonna keep them close to my chest as if they don’t work out, I won’t feel bad or obliged to complete. So this weekend has been a chilled one. After 2 whole days back at work, oh the hardship, I have mostly been watching CITV 30 years old skool weekend, Clueless, reading the monthly mags, and nursing todays hangover.

Oh and this little beauty has kept me entertained….

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