Yearly Round-Up

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t believe Christmas is over and the New Year is right around the corner. The build-up seemed to last for such a long time this year, with the shops starting super-early and the decorations going up at the start of the month and then the 25th passed us by oh so quickly.

Well, there were the traditions that sit firmly in each household and in ours it is the littel things that make Crimbo. With both my brother and I sitting on the other side of our teens, Christmas is all about a good lie-in, a magazine for me in my stocking (this is a necessity!) and the fry-up we consume at around 11am-ish. But, with the day having passed us by, we are now turning to the New Year with Facebook status’ appearing making plans and giving thanks to the past year and I have to admit I look back on 2012 fondly.

The year started off with me getting a perminant position within my company as a Customer Services Advisor, but just a couple of months down the line in Feb, a position became available for an Online Copywriter. Reading the job requirements, it felt like it was written just for me. I applied and after a long, oh so long, tense wait I found out I got the job in April. To say I enjoy it is an understatement, I heart it. This time two years ago, even last year I would never have thought I would be doing what I’m doing. It’s true what they say that you just never know what’s round the corner.

May soon arrived. May is one of my favourite months as it is my birthday and it’s often really nice weather. This May saw me jet off to Sydney, Australia for a couple of weeks to visit two of my best girlies who were travelling the world. Those two weeks actually dragged which made it fantastic and the time felt so much longer. Staying in the city, visiting the Blue Mountains, taking a trip up the coat to Newcastle, going to the Hunter Valley. I know travelling is such a popular option for many when you finish uni and have that moment of ‘what’s next?’, but for me it just never appealed. I think I was too scared as I wouldn’t have the money and I was awaiting resits at uni the year before and couldn’t really see what direction I was going to take so I didn’t feel ‘right’. So, rewinding back to May I’m so glad I went over there for a holiday. It’s made me realise I defo want to see more of the world and in the future I think I could do the whole taking off thing but for now life is grand.

Something else that has dominated this year has been music. With the lack of a festival in my life, I feel like I have been to every gig in the North-West. Florence and the Machine x2, Laura Marling, Coldplay, Marina and the Diamonds, Jessie Ware, Scissor Sisters, Blink 182, The Black Keys. I feel like I’ve missed one, but it has been amazing. I’ve loved the days we booked off work, went to Manchester, great food, even more drink and a gig. Perfect!

With 2013 happening on Monday, I’m excited to see what happens. Glastonbury is in the bag, and Rihanna and Girls Aloud reunion tour tickets have been purchased. My two besties are back in the UK, the other has had a baby the gorgeous Pip and another is expecting in May (another reason it is a great month!).

I checked in with a round-up post last year and thought 2011 had been amazing, and now 2012 has just topped it so I’m super excited for 2013!

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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