So, last night saw the return of TOWIE to our screens and the much-anticipated comeback of Mark Wright. The show seemed to fall in two parts- some brilliant, some not so brilliant. The return of Mark and his reunited friendship with Arg took us back to the begining and it was the Essex we fell in love with three years ago. I can’t get on board with #marg as I truly believe this was only coined towards the begining of the end prior to Mark leaving the show so to me it’s Mark and Arg. Must we hashtag everything?!

The first half of the show seemed to focus on the characters we love, Nanny Pat, Carole, Debbie, Lydia- the characters that kept drawing us back week after week, season after season and focusing on the old favourites is what the viewers want. One relatioship the producers seem to want us to believe is one that seems to raise the most opinion- on purpose? I am of course talking about Lucy and Mario. To put two highly-emotional (read crazy) characters in a pod on the London Eye they were bound to have an argument and we saw last night, there is nowhere to hide so storming off to the oppposite side of the pod seemed quite difficult.

To show some sort of continuity, we had to endure the uproar of the Sam and Joey proposal saga. I think it’s safe to say every viewer understand that it was set up for the live episode, so why can’t the producers move on? If anything we felt sorry for Sam having to re-hash the non-proposal debackle.

The producers seemed to strip back the number of characters appearing in the episode with a no-show from Billi and Cara and Gemma and Bobby only appearing twice, however Gemma managed to turn on the waterworks by talking about her ex- one James Argent. Kirk and Mick appeared to breifly address Kirk’s new found relationship with ex Lauren Pope, despite Popey being papped with one Tom Daly earlier this week. Note to producers, if scenes have been filmed in advance and you are trying to sell us a fake relationship, might be wise to keep the stars of Twitter and out the papers, ey? Just saying….

One thing I used to love about Essex was, all the drama took place at one party under one roof but in this week’s ep there were two parties which once again proved there are too many characters nowadays and as a viewer you can’t take them to your heart like we did with Amy, Sam, Mark etc…

All in all it was a fantastic episode and saw Lydia Rose Bright bow out which I think is the right move for her. She has seemlessly made a transition into fashion with a popular clothing range which is stylish enough that it can be sold in counties outside Essex and severed all ties with main character, Arg. We also saw tears flow from Arg when talking about his relationship with best mate, Wright, and he vowed to get back to his old self.

Has TOWIE been saved by Mark Wright? Well, it did have a feel of the old days and I remembered why I am a fan of the show but can this continue? If the producers strip back to basics, reduce the number of characters and ship out dead wood I think the viewing figures will begin to climb against once more. Let’s see who tunes in next time…..

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