The truth about Chezza

She’s the girl we all love to read about but notoriously keeps her private life just that. Well, until the ITV2 documentary with Ms Cheryl Cole was showed last week giving us an access all areas look into her life and a glimpse at her new boyfriend, Tre Holloway.

Ms Cole was au naturale during the filming of the ITV2 show ‘Cheryl Cole Access All Areas’, which showed  all the behind the scenes action on her recent ‘A Million Lights’ tour across the UK. The shy singer explaned her battles with anxiety, her passion for performing and maybe a little too revealingly, her growing love for new boyfriend Tre.

Cheryl tweeted yesterday afternoon stating she ‘cringed’ watching the show back but it gave her the chance to fight back at the paparazzi and expain what goes on behind closed doors. Viewers got to see a rare glimpse of off-duty Cheryl with no make-up and happily kissing and flirting during the making of the show.

Cheryl was seen laughing and joking with her all-american backing dancers and Tre in particular. It was great to see Cheryl so happy again and it looks like she has finally closed the door on her marriage to Ashley Cole and failed X Factor career.

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