My Make Up Bag

So, the bank holiday weekend has passed by so quickly in a bout of sunshine and showers. I have had quuite a lazy one this year. The year seems to have passed by so fast and I actually can’t believe we are heading into September so soon. So, a chilled bank hol was in order with a trip to Manchester on Saturday to treat myself to new make up goodies, a visit to Giraffe for dinner and a couple of drinks- rekorderlig and pimms no less. The Pride parade was making it’s way down Deansgate as we headed towards Spinningfields and luckily we caught it, in a gorgeous bout of sunshine before the heavens opened!

Sunday was spent with the ma and we took the annual trip to Ikea to have a nosey at ‘house stuff’ and have the obligiotary hot dog- you absolutely have to don’t you! Then today I have well and truly treated myself with a shiny new netbook. It was a toss up between a netbook or tablet as I am not an ipad gal. So here is my first post on my new toy- enjoy!

I always love when I see beauty bloggers writing about the contents of their make-up bag. I am one of those girls who just can’t leave the house without having my warpaint on. Having always suffered from problem skin I feel naked without my foundation. I wish I was one of those girls who can look and feel great with just a slick of mascra and lipgloss but, alas, I am not. My daily make up musts are foundation, concelear and mascara.

Image Image

After trying a few different foundations out over the years, L’oreal, Rimmel and Mac, I have settled on mac as I find it offers great coverage and is long-lasting. I have been matched up to both the warm and cool shades and I prefer the cool tones as it doesn’t seem as orange.

My mascara of choice is a Maybelline is you really do get the wide eyed look and this weekend I treated myself to to my first Benefit product- the concelear as I have read so many beauty blog reviews so thought I would give it a whirl!

What are your must-haves in your make-up bag?

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