Social Experiment

So I am trying to blog more often and get back into the swing of writing. I have dipped in and out of ‘Musings of Ruby’ over the past couple of years since she began but over the past 12 months I just love finding new blogs, mainly through the power of Twitter and   by keeping up to date with the Style Blogger challenges on the Matalan site I get to read new posts. Whether it to be fashion, food, photography or travel, I think due to my nosey parker personality I get excited when I find a new ‘follow friday’.

A couple of weeks ago I witnessed a twitter debate one evening between a blogger and a corporate twitter account and it made me realise just how much social media has evolved. I remember the afternoon during my second year of uni and we had a module that introduced us to the ‘new’ social sites- Twitter, Blogger and WordPress. I actually just realised I joined Twitter back in February 2009 and I have made more than 6000 tweets in just over three years. Whether it be idle thoughts, passing the time, checking out the latest celeb spat, split or showmance I am an addict. You wouldn’t dare hashtag on Faceyb but on Twitter its the norm. It is how I have discovered many of the recent largest news stories as its the worlds best rumour mill.

But, back to the argument that broke a couple of weeks ago. A blogger refused to review a product for an accessories company and a personal attack broke out between the individual and the company in question. My initial thought was, how unprofessional to directly tweet negative comments using a corporate account. Something, I deem very unprofessional and not the best PR for the company. In-house tweeting is something I have mixed opinions on and when you go against a large blogger community, your often setting yourself up for a fall.

Many celeb storie, whether it be the Daily Fail or New magazine many of the articles published are based entirely on ‘tweet quotes’ and the background to the story. Nowadays many of the articles I read on a Tuesday I saw as the news broke online  two days earlier. Majority of tv shows hashtag at the start to ensure all feedback is registered whether the programme is crap or not. One way to get an honest opinion, hey!

I do wonder though- whats next? Twitter has been around a good few years now but what is due to be the next social experiment? I suppose its a case of watch this space. No doubt we shall catch it first online…..

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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