Library Girl

I’ve always loved reading. Ever since I was little I always have my nose in a magazine, newspaper, book, leaflet I get handed on the street, the back of a cereal box….you name it.

Magazines are bought weekly. Every Tuesday after work I get my copy of Heat, More, Closer, New and Look is subscription. I have Glamour drop through the door and Cosmo and Company are bought respectively. Oh and Fabuous, now on a Sat though.

Books were my first love though. Enid Blyton, Famous Five and the Adventurous Four is where it all began. Passed down from my mum and aunties to me. The smell of old books and the musty pages- one of my absolute favourites.

Every year on holiday I go armed with about four books and the intention of reading them all in the space of week-easily done I feel.  Until recently I hadn’t read properly since last September so I have forced myself to get back into it.

The following four have been my recent reads-


Diaries of an Internet Lover- Dawn Porter

The Single Girl’s To-Do List- Lindsey Kelk

Oh Carol!- Carol McGiffin

Fierce- Kelly Osbourne


Yes, judging from my magazine collection I like a chick-flick and an autobiography or two. I’m no Stephen Fry by any means. I have loved every single one. Carol McGiffin was a recommended to me by my Grandad who is the biggest Loose Women fan going.


Half way through The Single Girls To-Do List so no spoilers please. It really has kick-started my habit again and realised why I loves reading in the first place.


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