Weekend down south.

So, this weekend I ventured down south and visited Cambridge and London. As I’m rubbish, and quite frankly petrified by the experience that was the underground and London commuters, I only managed to take about 12 pictures of the event.

And there you have it, nine pictures later. The rest are too blury/crap for blogging consupmption.

So, what was learnt this weekend? London is scary even for a hardened northerner like myself.  Dr Who Live was immense, if your a fan GO! Sheer brilliance! Oh and the X Factor is filmed over the road from Wembley Arena, like we learnt when attempting to exit the car park, only to be surrounded by hardcore Cheryl fans!

Cambridge is an odd night out if you will, clubs and bars tucked down little cobbled roads. In the day it is such a tourist city, (myself included much to the shame of my friend) then at night lots of crazy Cambridge students appear from behind their books and into one of the few clubs in the city, aptly named, The Place, and it indeed is just that!

Such a good weekend, Cambridge is a lot different to what I imagined it would be, whilst London was as hectic as I suspected, but then with a whole lot more thrown in for good measure! A good weekend, and hope to visit the south again soon in the not too distant future!

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